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PDO threads

PDO thread biostimulation is an innovative approach that allows for skin re-lifting of the face, neck, and body.

an innovative approach

The approach involves inserting a durable synthetic fiber made of PDO, a smooth filament, which is gradually absorbed by the tissue, leaving the skin more compact, elastic, and hydrated.

Countless publications and clinical observations demonstrate how the use of PDO (polydioxanone) increases endogenous hyaluronic acid synthesis and enhances local microcirculation. By stimulating the production of new collagen protein, it gives the skin a greater appearance of elasticity and firmness.

pdo threads


Biostimulation threads, as their name suggests, are composed of substances that stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin. This process allows for a progressive improvement in skin compactness and vitality.

It is ideal for treating early signs of aging, such as fine wrinkles and minimal skin sagging.

biostimulation threads

pdo threads


Traction threads harness the bio-restructuring effect of their materials, along with anchoring cones.

These threads integrate and enhance the bio-restructuring effect by effectively lifting the skin and improving facial volume repositioning. They are suitable for more pronounced wrinkles and significant skin sagging¹.

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pdo threads


Volumizing threads are used to increase volume in specific areas of the face, such as cheeks or lips.

These threads help improve facial structure and fullness, creating a younger and harmonious appearance.

volumizing threads



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