Zeus is a multi-frequency portable electrosurgical generator for the soft surgery.

Zeus is a IIb Class Medical Device that, thanks to its setting properties in accordance with the treaent type and the patient’s characteristics (photo-type, degree of hydration and degree of aging), is able to optimize the efficiency of the treaent and extend the application fields.


Zeus arises from the need to treat those diseases where it is difficult to operate with other technologies, as a single treaent or as an adjunct to other methods.
The soft surgery performed by Zeus can be summarized in three fundamental Phases:

  1. Clinical history of the type of the skin to be treated and Setting of Frequency, Power and Duty Cycle.
  2. Generation of a small electrical arc, similar to a minute lighting energy as a visible spark due to the voltage breakdown of the dielectric.
  3. Sublimation of the superficial tissues, without unwanted heat transmission to the adjacent tissues, without penetrating in depth and without affecting the structures involved in pain sensation.


Zeus allows to perform the procedure both on poor and normal-heat conductors tissues, through the modulation, not only of power and frequency, but also of Duty Cycle.

This means that the operator, by varying the setting according to photo-type, degree of hydration, degree of aging and treaent type, has a total control of the treatment, a greater patient compliance, and acts in total safety enabling the medical treaent of any photo-types without PIH problems.

The output signal of the apparatus has been designed to allow simultaneous cutting and cauterization by accentuating, as necessary, one of the two functions with respect to the other with the simple operation of a knob even during patient intervention.


Adjustable duty cycle. The possibility of Duty Cycle modulation and adjusent of the frequency according to the skin type allows to act without changing the power yet the distance between hand-piece and skin.

It is possible to operate at a high power with a greater patient compliance thanks to the cooling time of tissue.


  • Minimizing pain during surgery and increased reactivity to post-operative healing time
  • Expanding the application field
  • Reduction of post-operative complications and side effects
  • Greatest control of the micro-coagulation of the trea-ted area
  • No burns
  • No transfer of electromagnetic fields to the human body


These features allow to cover multiple application fields as follows:

Aesthetic medicine/surgery

Non-surgical and/or surgical blepharoplasty, face and neck mini-lifting, expression lines, wrinkles, perioral rhytids (barcode), skin spots removal, xanthelasma, small neoformations (seborrheic warts, dyskeratosis, fibroids), scars, acne and acne scars, tattoo removal, stretch marks.


Actinic keratosis, adenoma sebaceum, angiokeratoma, angiomas, condyloma acuminatum, keratoacanthoma, molluscum contagiosum, warts, seborrheic keratosis.

Vascular surgery

Spider nevus, face telangiectasias, varicose veins, venous lakes, angiomas.

Dental and oral surgery

Apioectomy, buccal gingival cavity, cysts, mucous, dentin desensitization, frenotomy, hemostasis, gingivectomy, root canal sterilization.

Gynecology, urology and proctology

Vaginal cysts, condyloma of the vulva, cervical polyps, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, ischiorectal abscesses and fistulas, vasectomies.


Chalazion, entropion, xanthelasma.


Adenoid-hypertrophied remnants, epistaxis, pharyngitis, nasal polyps, tonsil tag destruction, turbinate shrinkage.




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